From this year's big news : The Safari Wonderland ... a park surrounded by nature with lions , giraffes, wildebeests , hippos , the tiger , monkeys and other 450 animals of 40 different species that you can see up close doing educational tour of the park by train or by car . A unique contact with nature , exciting and memorable of which take full advantage from March 28 to September 29 , always open from 10 to 16.30 .  If you are an animal lover here you can to delight and challenge you looking after the baby turtles , duck , ostriches and other mammals . A second part is dedicated to nocturnal animals such as birds , insects and mammals ; some examples : hedgehogs , moles , owls etc .  The third environment is characterized by native species ( fish , shellfish , reptiles , insects ) with particular attention paid to their natural habitat .