Best summer evenings are on Wednesdays and Sundays for the Foam Party, a reference point for young people under 25 years. Also popular are the evenings of Friday and Papeete evenings in collaboration with the Papeete Milano Marittima. Very famous DJs enliven the evenings of this place, which over the years has seen the Dj diTiesto caliber, Ricky Montanari, Marracash.
It is located in Miramare on the SS16 in front of the airport, well outside of the tourist area. You reach it by car or with the free shuttle provided by the local, which starts from the square in Rimini Tripoli and Piazzale Curiel in Riccione.
Via Flaminia, 358 - Miramare
Tel. 335 5645740


It is located in the harbor in front of the Bagni 3:04 and is the trendiest disco summer city. It's popular with people of all kinds and of all ages. The music is pop house in general, but some evenings have Latin blood.
It consists of different environments: the "bar street", the "main room" where they dance music trade, the "no restaurant" for dinner by candlelight, the Latin area "Palm Beach", the great "white lounge" and finally the "hall of mirrors".
The venue has also restaurant and Sushi Point so the evening can start with dinner and continue until late at night. Best summer evenings from Wednesday to Sunday, in winter on Fridays and Saturdays.
Admission is free with obligatory purchase.
Is reached by its own means or with Cocobus, the free shuttle with music and entertainment on board made available by the enclosure from the end of June.
Tintori promenade, 5
Tel. 345 6552701


It is a place suitable for younger and very popular with tourists both Italian and foreign.
Economic and informal, it is on 3 floors where you can dance techno house to R & B to hip hop.
In summer it is open every evening and reached by themselves, with the # 11 bus (stop 26) or with the free shuttle and bookable.
It is at the height of the bath 108.
Via Brindisi, 20
Tel. 0541 373204


A very cheerful local suited to younger and open all summer evenings. It has three bars and two dance floors located on two floors where you can dance r'n'b 'and house.
The first floor is a real disco and own while the second is more like a disco and hosts theme nights, karaoke, happy hour.
It is located in Marina Center, accessible by the # 11 bus or with the Life shuttle, the shuttle made available free of charge from the local for groups of at least 20 people. Admission is pretty cheap, usually it does not exceed 15 €.
Viale Regina Margherita, 11


It is the only place gay Rimini and one of the most renowned in the region. It has three runways, two gardens, swimming pool, private room, piano bar, video room and snack bar. Special features of this gay club house are the matinees, which are held from 5.00 to 9.30 in the morning.
It is located outside the tourist area, on the hills of Rimini, so it is reached by themselves or with the local free shuttle bus, which departs from Rimini FS (starting at 00.30 and return at 5.00) or Riccione (departure at 6:00 to 7:00 - 8:00 and return at the end. For info: Tel. 349 4696833).
Via Feleto, 15
Tel. 0541 731113


On the hills of Rimini is the local alternative more of the Riviera. Son of Slego Viserba, Rimini historic disco rock, Velvet is a container of music, dj sets and concerts ranging from rock to electronic, dall'afro to reggae through the dubstep. All alternative genres come together in three rooms, two stages of the club which also offers a food court, pizza and fast food. Not only clubs, but also factory, with workshops and projects in the performing arts, the Velvet is a reference in the artistic experimentation and Italian music.
It is reached by its own means or with the bus line 7 (direction Cerbaiola) in 30 min. The evening is a free shuttle departing from the Rimini railway station every 70 minutes starting from the time stated for the event (usually by 21 or by 23).
Via Santa Aquilina, 21
Tel. 0541 756111

Pubs and disco


It is located on the dock of Rimini this historic restaurant famous for its live shows. In recent times it is renowned for its restaurant serving pizza and fish. After dinner, the evening continues with live music and DJs in September
The venue has free admission and is popular with residents.
Pier Rimini
For info: Tel. 339 4657399


Furnished as the legendary vintage vessel, it is a restaurant located in the heart of Marne center and is very popular every night. Inside, a good pizza restaurant. Organizing country evenings, karaoke and quiz game.
Via Weber, 6
Tel. 0541 391900


Local outdoor attended all summer mainly from Rimini, is located in Marina Centro in front of the bath 55. The restaurant prepares pizzas, pasta dishes and fantastic cocktails. It is from sunset on the local comes alive, about to go out alone late at night.
Lungomare Murri, 79
Tel. 0541 307541


Local historian of Rimini in the English style, attended with the same enthusiasm by residents and tourists since 1964. of the local diamond drills, beer and live music. It is located in Marina Centro.
Viale Regina Elena, 2
Tel. 0541 391398


Great Irish-style pub on two floors, famous for its Guinness as well as for the evenings live on offer in summer. It is located on the seafront in Rimini across from the bath 8.
Lungomare Tintori, 13
Tel. 0541 709845


An outdoor venue with tables covered with branches, open daily from dusk onwards. Renowned as an aperitif, but also for a frugal dinner of pizza salads, wraps. It is located on the waterfront in front of the bath 62 in via Wagner, 6.

To know the most important dates and learn more about the history of the clubs, events and trendy evenings in Rimini you can check on www.nottiromagnole.it/discoteche-rimini.